We think Richard enjoyed himself

We very recently had the pleasure and company of a luck man who’s kids bought him a Father’s Day gift of a 4 day course at our workshop in Richmond,North Yorkshire.

We think he enjoyed himself have a look at what he thought below.

Just had a great 3 days (with 1 to go) on a wood turning course at VW HQ in Richmond. A HUGE “Thank you!” To Chris, Jeremy and Ted for putting up with me. I have learned so much in 3 days that I can’t believe it.
Also, now I truly GET it! You really get into what you are doing, and all your other worries, cares or concerns get totally forgotten about. At the end of the day you go home feeling really worthwhile, you’ve made something astonishing, made great friendships and made yourself feel a whole lot better about yourself. You also can’t wait to get back the next day for another go!
Veterans Woodcraft do what other agencies dont seem able to do.
They give a person purpose, friendship, a sense of belonging, and finally being able to look forward to tomorrow and not dread it.
Support these guys with all you’ve got, they do exactly that for us, God bless ’em all!

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