Tables commissioned by RAF

Veterans woodcraft were commissioned to refresh one of the tables from RAF High Wycombe, Officers mess.

Part of the deal was to insert the logo into the table top.

Veterans woodcraft took this to the next level, we dropped the logo into the center of the table by 5mm then carved in the logo onto the new table center.

Once completed the table was stained to the required colour, and then the centerpiece was sealed in using Acrylic Resin.

The remainder of the Table was then sealed using a quality varnish to seal and protect the top from normal wear and tear.

RAF High Wycombe

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Table collected

A representative from RAF High Wycombe, then turned up to collect the Table and was suitably impressed with the commissioned piece.

Including the two Brass plaques that had been placed on the front and rear of the central column. this was to annotate the reason for the table being presented to the Officers Mess. 100 years since the formation of the RAF.

Further to this we also completed a 100 years engraving for a separate presentation. 



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