smile oscar
Big smiles from Oscar

Over the past two Afternoons we have hosted Oscar the stable maker, his little brother and his mum, while we helped Oscar to make a wooden stable with Veterans Woodcraft Bob And Chris on hand to help and guide Oscar through the process.

oscar home
Oscar at home

Oscar completed nearly all of the work himself including with guidance from Bob he cut out the windows and doors of the stable using a scroll saw whilst mum looked on.

Oscar has got a natural flair for doing practical work which surprised both Chris and Bob who have invited him back with his big brother during the Half term school break in February.

The following is a quote from Oscars Mum.

Thank so much for letting Oscar come up he had a great time and loves his stable, he learnt alot watching and

listening to you both and has inspired him into making and learning more 😊


If you would like more information on how we could help. please get in touch with us on or give us a ring on 07526 228232.

Veterans woodcraft will be doing a taster day at St Aidens church hall, if you fancy having a go come along between 10am - 3pm. all will be made welcome.

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