Thank you to the Rotary Club of Northallerton who had invited Veterans Woodcraft to give a talk to the members.

northallerton rotery
Bob And Chris talking to the rotery club of Northallerton

Bob And Chris delivered the talk about VWC how it came about and how much it meant to beneficiaries .  Both Bob and Chris enjoyed the great company for the afternoon with an excellent lunch thrown in too.

The following message was received from the Rotary Club.

All of our members were extremely interested and very impressed by the work you do and the cause your group supports.

I felt you pitched the talk at just the right level and told us what we wanted to know - and it was good to meet Bob, who openly described how he felt before coming to you and how he is managing his stress now.

some of the items on display

We will, of course, spread the word about your work and contact you if we feel you might be interested in speaking to them, as you did us, or if there are any local craft fairs or such like in the future, that you might be unaware of.

Thank you for taking the time to meet us and I hope we meet again soon.

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